Online Counseling Services

Consulting for finding the right instruction for each student. You can take it anywhere, anytime. Through the online counseling, we can help you find the best teaching approach that is suited to your child’s personality. Our extensive experienced counselors will find a method of teaching that is not based on precedent, but rather on your child’s personality.



Office yoga service has been used as a part of the benefit program for mental health measures, stress reduction, etc. We offer tailor made program for you to heal your over-worked body and mind. Feel free to tell us your requests, such as preventing back pain, metabolic syndrome, and more! Required at least once a month.



Yoga instructor for your internal or external corporate event, opening ceremony, indoor and outdoor events etc.. Event size doesn’t matter.  “Anywhere, Anytime, Quickly” is what MIND’S do. One-shot event is available.  Yoga event will help a lot to refresh workers’ feelings and activate internal relationships.


Software Development

We are a “software development company with high graphic skills.” You can order our service with monthly contract or agile development.
●Monthly contracted development in pursuit of UI/UX
●Subcontract development
BOSS DESIGN also has many partner companies in industry-academia collaboration, Vietnam, Silicon Valley, etc. Please feel free to contact us.


WEB Design

What is the key point of differentiation for websites? It’s “Power of Design”. We are in a time when differentiation is difficult. Especially in the same industry and sector. Let’s stand out from our rivals with “Power of Design”! Make an impact on users and let them say, “That website was so impressive!!” or “That e-commerce website was so easy to use!”